Social Justice Fact Sheet

White woman masquerading as black resigned from NAACP chapter presidencyRachel Dolezal resigned as president of the Spokane, WA NAACP when it became clear that she was a white woman portraying herself as black. As a Howard University student in 2002, Dolezal sued the school for discriminating against her – for being white.’

Criminal Justice
About 1% of the American population (or 10% of adults) is in jail – much higher numbers than any other country in the world. Most of the imprisoned are black and brown people.
NAACP Criminal Justice Factsheet
Attorney Michelle Alexander-West’s book The New Jim Crow unveils the processes which have driven this explosion in the prison population.
Prison-based gerrymandering means that towns housing prisons get to declare inmates as belonging to their town, which drives down median income figures and qualifies towns and counties for government grants they wouldn’t qualify for otherwise.
Inmates making phone calls may be charged up to $10 just to be connected speak to their families.

Civil Rights
Jena 6 persecution in Jena Louisiana in 2006

Howard Witt (of the Chicago Tribune) reported that the six students faced prosecution for charges including second degree attempted murder – and possible prison sentences of up to 100 years – for allegedly participating in an unarmed school brawl that resulted in no serious injuries. The alleged brawl followed months of racial tension after hangman’s nooses were hung from a tree at the students’ school.

Education Justice – the Attacks on Public Education
Attacks on Public Education are destroying communities and school systems around the country. Chicago’s Democratic mayor Rahm Emanuel closed 49 schools in 1 day. Recently, the last public school closed in New Orleans, LA. At least 10 public schools were closed in Newark and the community fights to keep over than 12 more schools from being closed. 23 schools were closed in Philadelphia in order to fund a new $400 million prison Death by 1000 Cuts is a well-documented white paper that shows how it’s being done.

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